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hiems hora.
this was supposed to be a gaming blog, but it has converted into a multifandom blog that contains mainly GW2, young avengers, dragon age, lee pace, silmarillion, LOTR, lee pace, hobbits, aaand more lee pace. oh and art. cause i'm artsy. i think.

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(tarnished coast)

30 Day Gw2 Challenge

Day 3 - A class you’re awful at playing

The picture pretttty much tells you everything. Broken armor and a little bit of sobbing? Yeep. That’s me and my ele. I’m horrible with eles cause they’re like.. the squishiest of the squishiest (even my mesmer is squishy but she’s still got more health & toughness than that orz). So yeah, I die. A lot. I mean, I love the class and the insane aoe damage, but i also like surviving after being hit 3 times. :D

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